Fresh Produce and Bakery

Fresh Seasonal and Organic Produce
mostly from Local Farms

Goat Cheese, Goat MilkEncouragement is offered to Local individuals to grow their own produce, and bring to the store to sell. Organic vegetables, fruit, dairy products,  and Free-Range Eggs.

Goat Products:
Cheese, Yogurt, Milk
Fermented Foods: Becoming very popular such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Kefir (Fermented Milk Drink).

fresh organic juices


Juices: Fresh

Many Juices are made to order while you wait, Carrot Juice with Ginger, or Celery, many combinations to choose from vegies and fruits that are in season.




honey & oil


Honey & Olive Oil on Tap: Local

Pure Raw Honey, Eucalyptus, Fynbos  (Seasonal) and Extra Virgin (Cold Pressed) Olive Oil.


kuvings juicer



Equipment: Best Brand Products

Juice extractors, Dehydrators, and DNA Juices, Kuvings Juicer, (20 Year Warranty), Ozone Washer, Vitawiz Compact Blender






Bokashi originated in Japan and was invented in 1980 by Prof. Teruo Higa a soil scientist. It is wheat bran brewed with a combination of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, yeasts and fungi. During the brewing process the wheat bran is inoculated with these beneficial micro-organisms. Bokashi is used around the world to manage food-waste through an anaerobic fermentation system.

When added to food-waste in an anaerobic digester these microbes work in symbiosis to ferment the waste thus preventing rotting and ridding it of pathogenic bacteria. Bokashi is safe for human and animal consumption (but not registered for use as such).

Baking Aids:
Gluten Free Flours, Sugar Free Substitutes

Read about our Inhouse Allergy Free  Bakery 

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